The Curator

He takes me to an art gallery at First Thursday’s for our first date. Disapproving hipsters never pour enough wine, so you have to tease it out of them with a smile and halter-neck-drop. The walls are tall to the ceiling; people are bumping freely and familiarly. We drag our feet around the gallery floor and try get to know each other. I recognise a quirky Kirsten Sims artwork titled ‘No Tinder at The Dinner Table’ – how appropriate. As the small talk increases so do my gulps of wine and debt to the hipsters. When I’m in the heights of grasping at my glass, my date introduces me to the Curator of the gallery, who also happens to be his ex girlfriend. How amusing – I’m arm candy.

Imagine his surprise when I like her more than I like him. Us girls hit it off and leave the gallery to get some real wine.

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